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We provide highly-trained and compassionate staff to help you meet your wellness goals. Certain mental health professionals work best with specific issues and demographics. When you meet with our access clinician, they will match you with a mental health professional that best fits your needs. We encourage you to get to know our clinical team by reading more below.

Aidan WandschneiderAidan Wandschneider
Peer Support and Crisis Intervention Specialist

At 18, Aidan was formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This led him on the extraordinarily difficult path of learning how to fight and manage the disability in his day-to-day life through various therapies, medicines, and hospitalizations.

This daily wrestle has provided him with a deep personal understanding into the many forms of mental illness, as bipolar gives him the ability to relate to others following similar paths to his. Aidan is now constantly challenging himself and pushing the boundaries of his disorder.

He’s become a probationary firefighter and first responder for Joseph Fire, a crisis line operator, and previous hotline manager for SafeHarbors, and most recently a peer support and crisis intervention specialist here at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness.

He’s dedicated himself to meeting others where they are at in life and providing personal experience into the nuances of mental illness to his coworkers. He hopes that his long and ever-continuing story can be a beacon to those who are where he once was.

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