Our Mission

danielle and amy

Our Mission, Vision and Values is rooted in everything we do and our commitment to empowering each client to reach their health and wellness goals. We do this because we want each client to achieve a happy, hopeful, productive, and meaningful life. Through this commitment and dedication we will influence the ability for our community to thrive.


We facilitate growth and wellness through services and resources that empower personal action.


We envision access to integrated wellness services and resources for all.

Core Values

  • Excellent, efficient, and love-filled care
  • A safe, happy, and thriving community
  • Inclusiveness, integration, and honoring each individual’s lived experience

Our Guiding Behaviors

  • We support each other in serving our clients and community
  • We communicate openly, honestly, respectfully and directly
  • We are fully present
  • We are all accountable
  • We trust and assume goodness in intentions
  • We are continuous learners and open to change