Hearts for Health
A vision for transforming healthcare in Wallowa County


Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, Winding Waters Community Health Clinic, and Building Healthy Families share a vision of a thriving community. Our mission is to connect people to services that address the social determinants of health. To do this, we are going to construct a building that provides access to these services in one location with the goal of empowering individuals to engage in the actions needed to achieve personal health and wellness. The new building will bring together medical, dental, behavioral and mental health cared under one, combined with a wide range of educational opportunities. This will reduce stigma and dramatically improve people's ability to get the care they need, when they need it and with a very high level of confidentiality.

Our goal is to raise $6.8 million to build a new integrated health services facility. Join us in making this vision a reality.


hand in shape of heartCOMPASSION: Treating the whole person

Stigma is a barrier to accessing mental health services that has been a voiced concern in our small community due to our current building location(s). Having a fully integrated health services building will allow for natural de-stigmatization in accessing services and more coordinated care.

Had medical and mental health services been integrated for our son and he’d been screened for depression by his doctor, maybe he could have gotten mental health services earlier and he would be with us today.
– Angie Lunde

CONVENIENCE:  Holistic Patient Care Under One Roof

The new integrated health services facility will have medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health care all in one facility and will be located near the hospital, physical therapy, and senior living. The facility will add –

  • Five new exam rooms
  • Four new dental operatories
  • 22 new counseling rooms – expanding services to our community

hands holding grain in heartshapeCOLLABORATION: Partnership with Primary Care

The convenience of being in one location will increase coordination between providers and integrate primary and mental and behavioral health.

  • No lag time in scheduling patients to receive services and reduce the need for referrals through warm hand offs
  • Patients will immediately receive counseling services at their primary care visit if needed.

COMMUNITY: Healthier Future for All

Locals and visitors alike will receive comprehensive, accessible, coordinated care, centered around patients and their families, improving the health of Wallowa County for generations to come.
–Dr. Liz Powers

This new building will not only provide care but also provide education and community space.

  • Two classrooms, for instruction of up to 32 children, increasing access to early childhood education
  • A teaching kitchen for hosting nutritional classes for the full span of ages and skill-levels.
  • A large meeting space for events, trainings, exercise classes and more that is highly needed