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to build a new integrated care facility.

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Hearts for Health

A Vision for Transforming Healthcare in Wallowa County

To reach our $6.8 million goal, every little bit will make this dream a reality. Every donation counts. Share your heart and join us in creating a healither future for all.

Share Your Heart

Every donation counts. Share your heart and join us in creating a healither future for all.


Treating the Whole Person

Stigma is a barrier to accessing mental health services that has been a voiced concern in our small community due to our current builidng location(s). Having a fully integrated health services building will allow for natural de-stigmatization in accessing services and more coordinated care. Medical, dental, and mental and behavioral health will all be under one roof and located near the hospital, physical therapy, and senior living.

  • five new exam rooms
  • four new dental operatories
  • 22 new counseling rooms - expanding services to our community
  • Two classrooms, for instructions of up to 32 children
  • A teaching kitchen for hosting nutritional classes
  • A large meeting space for events, trainings, and exercise classes

Upcoming Events

Through each of our events we touch lives and tell the stories of transformation. Our goal for the new integrated care facility is simple - to give people the care they need, when and where they need it.

Save the Date Hearts for Health
Save the Date Hearts for Health
February 1, 2020
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Wallowa Lake Lodge

Building Progress

Watch our progress in getting into our new building

15 August 2017

Breaking Ground

breakinggroundWe break ground on the new building.

15 August 2017

03 February 2018

First Fundraiser

paper heart with every heart has a story to tellWe raise over $300,000 at our first ever Hearts for Health Dinner

12 September 2019

Senate Tour

Senator Steiner-Hayward walking with Chantay Jett and Dr. Liz PowersState Senator Elizabeth Stiener-Hayward, State Senator Bill Hansell, and State Representative Gregg Barreto visit Wallowa County to learn about our need to expand health care services.

12 September 2019

02 February 2019

Second Hearts for Health Dinner

people at Wallowa Lake Lodge lobby checking out auction itemsAnother successful night at the Wallowa Lake Lodge. $219,000 was raised!

19 April 2019

Testifying before the Joint Ways and Means Subcommittee on Capital Construction

Nic Powers, Ted Thorne, and Chantay Jett in front of the State Senate BuildingNic Powers, Ted Thorne, and Chantay Jett request $2.5 million from the State Legislature for the new building.

19 April 2019

09 May 2019

NW Farm Credit Services Awards us $1,000

Amy Busch and Chantay Jett hold $1,000 checkNorthwest Farm Services drops off a check to support the resource center in the new building.

“Had medical and mental health services been integrated for our son and he'd been screened for depression by his doctor, maybe he could have gotten mental health services earlier and he would be with us today."
-Angie Lunde