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The Center for Optimal Living
A Path to Managing Your Pain

When you are living with chronic pain, it can consume your entire life. Your work suffers. You miss out on family time and social events. You just cannot participate in day-to-day life like you used to.

We are here to help you successfully manage chronic pain and get back to living your life!

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You are Unique and so is Your Pain

man raising his arms in excitementWe offer a personal approach to pain care. Everyone experiences pain in a different way. We offer a 10 week course at the Center for Optimal Living. During the 10 week course, you will receive:

  • A holistic pain management program focused on improving your quality of life and getting you back to doing the things that are important to you.
  • Assistance in setting goals, which move you from a being a chronic pain sufferer to a person living with chronic pain.
  • A well-round activity program adapted for the special needs of persons with chronic pain
  • Help with a nutrition plan that will minimize inflammation in your body.
  • The opportunity to share experiences and support with others suffering chronic pain.
  • Education about your pain, medication and treatments.
  • A review of your medications to assure that they are optimal for the pain you experience. We do not prescribe medications, but will suggest changes to your doctor if needed.

What is a comprehensive pain clinic?

A comprehensive pain clinic is a health care facility that provides information, tools and resources you need to reduce pain and return to the lifestyle you enjoy and value. The Center for Optimal Living Program in Enterprise is a comprehensive pain clinic. We can help you take an active role in decreasing the effects of chronic pain and help you regain control of your life.

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How do I become a patient at the Center for Optimal Living Program?

  • You first get referred to The Center for Optimal Living Program in Enterprise by your doctor, nurse, therapist/counselor, or anyone involved in your care. They will provide you with the paperwork to get started in becoming a patient.
  • Within the first two weeks of your referral, you will receive a call from us or your provider will directly schedule your appointment with Stephen Kliewer at The Center for Optimal Living in Enterprise. If your provider schedules your appointment with Stephen, they will provide you with the details of your next appointment.
  • You will spend about one hour at the Center learning about the program with Stephen. You can ask as many questions as you wish. Stephen will learn more about your pain and gather more information about you and your life and your goals. Then, begin to help you explore your options for living a more full life.
  • After your first appointment, you will be invited to participate in a ten-week course. The course includes pain education, resources, and tools to help you reduce your chronic pain.

Even after becoming a patient at the Center, you will continue to work with your regular provider. We do not prescribe medications – only provide recommendations to the provider on your medications if needed. 

If you are unaware your provider referred you to this program, please contact your provider directly.

How much will it cost?

It depends on what type of health insurance you have.

  • Oregon Health Plan – we will bill Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. and the treatment will be covered.
  • Private Insurance – We will bill your plan. You will only be responsible for a $5 copay per visit or $50 copay for 10 week course.
  • Medicare – you will need to complete an Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage since at this time Medicare does not cover these services. You will only be responsible for a $5 copay per visit or $50 copay for 10 week course.

If you have any billing questions or need financial assistance for this program, please contact Tammy Greer at 541-426-4524 x1015.

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