Health Care from the Comforts of Your Home

man on computer

We understand life is busy and getting to and fro can be challenging for some or for others it allows you to see a mental health professional quietly without you worrying if others are wondering why you are at our offices. To make your life easier, we offer tele-health. Tele-health allows you to see your mental health professional via online video chats.

We also have several tele-health professionals who do not live in our community. This is extremely beneficial to many clients who have friendships with our staff and still would like to connect with mental and behavioral health services without compromising their friendships. Tele-health also allows you to stay connected with your assigned mental health professional while traveling so you don't miss your regular check-ins.

What if I don’t have a computer or a strong internet connection?

At our multiple locations, we have set up tele-health rooms. You can visit with your mental health profesional in our designated rooms. Just let our front office staff know when you set up your appointment.

This really interests me. How do I get started?

Call us at 541-426-4524. And, let us know you are interested in tele-health. Our access clinician will follow-up to learn more and to determine which clinician would work best for your tele-health situation and get you started.

Call 541-426-4524 to get started!