Supported Employment
How We Help You Find a Career Path 

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  • We tailor the program to you – Every client in the Supported Employment Program is unique, just like you. It all depends on your needs and career goals. You design how Supported Employment can help you achieve your career goals. Then, we work with you to find a job or career that matches your goals and interest.
  • We get to know you – You meet with a Supported Employment Specialist either at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness or out in the field (e.g. coffee shop, in your house, etc.). At the first meeting, the Supported Employment Specialist gets to know you and begins to learn what YOUR career goals are and what are your skills and interest. Over the next couple of meetings, the Supported Employment Specialist continues to learn more about you so he/she can help you fulfill your career path. These meetings help establish a collaborative assessment of your needs and develops your vocation profile. The goal of these meetings is to determine your career path and how the Supported Employment Specialist can help you achieve your career goals. The Supported Employment Specialist then actively matches your abilities and interest to the most appropriate job or career path.
  • We hit the ground running – Within the first 10 days of meeting with you, the Supported Employment Specialist begins connecting with employers and begins a rapid job search. He/she meets with potential employers to learn about careers tied to your goals, begins researching resources, and builds relationships in the community to help you meet your career goals.
  • We assist you in building your employment file – After meeting with you, we work with you to build a “ready to go” employment file (e.g. application, resume, etc.). This way you are ready for any career openings and can apply immediately. This gives you an edge in the job market and many times this makes you a more desirable employee.
  • We help you explore careers – Once we know your career goals, we can help set up job shadows so you can explore different types of careers. Many times job shadows help refine career goals and open your horizon to jobs you never thought you could excel at or enjoy.
  • We provide benefit counseling – Each person is offered the opportunity to learn how his/her benefits (such as disability, military benefits, housing subsidies, food aide, etc.) would or could be affected by employment. Benefit counseling begins as soon as you enter the Supported Employment Program and again if you need to make decisions about job changes, like offered more work hours or a promotion.
  • We work with employers – Supported Employment Specialist view employers as their customers. They make multiple in-person visits to employers to learn about their business needs. Only after the Supported Employment Specialist has had time to learn about the needs and hiring preferences of an employer, she/he will return to talk about a job candidate who is a good match. The Supported Employment Specialist’s goal is to become a resource to the business – to help the employer find the right employee.
  • We support you– The Supported Employment Specialist tailors the job support to fit each person’s preference. The type and amount of job support varies from person to person. You might want weekly check-ins to help you stay on course or maybe you prefer monthly talks about what is going on your career path or maybe you want help prepping for an interview. You get to decide what type and amount of support you need.

What happens after I get the job or career?

Supports do not end once you get the job or career. We continue to work with you and your natural supports in reaching your career goals. This could be weekly check-ins, helping you talk with your employer or employees, or whatever you need to meet your career goals. We can provide unlimited amount of support. Yet, many individuals find after a year on a job or in a career they no longer need support or as much support.

What about privacy? What do you disclose to potential employers?

We only disclose what you prefer. Many times a person does not wish to disclose her/his disability to an employer, the Supported Employment Specialist honors this preference. She/he might still gather information about businesses to share with you, but does not attempt to make an introduction to an employer, or share any information about the job seeker.

What does success in Supported Employment look like?

It spans the breadth of individuals we have served and all depends on their personal career goals. For some, it is getting completely off social services. For others, it is moving from a career that caused great stress and anxiety to a career that meet their life goals and provided more balance in their life. For a few, it is discovering that they could work and have a career when they never thought it was possible.

Success means different things to different people. Our goal is to look inside the individual and help support the individual in achieving their career goals. Let us help you achieve your career goals today. We would love to help you reach YOUR definition of success!

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