Meet Our Clincians

We provide highly-trained and compassionate staff to help you meet your wellness goals. Certain clincians work best with specific issues and demographics. When you meet with our access clinician, she/he will match you with a clinician that best fits your needs. We encourage you to get to know our clinicial team by reading more below.

Celina Taylor
Wraparound Youth Support Partner

Celina is the Wraparound Youth Support Partner. Her job is to be the youth’s advocate no matter what their current or past experiences have been. Her role is to support them in reaching their goals and what they want out of life. She is so excited to be in this role at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness.

She brings a deep passion for working with youth. She worked with high school seniors at an alternative high school in finding meaningful internships in the Eugene area and is completing her degree in sociology with a focus on social welfare and youth from Eastern Oregon University. Working with youth has been a life-long dream and believes her lived experiences can show youth you can achieve your dreams.

As the Wraparound Youth Support Partner, her goal is to connect with each youth as an individual and on their terms. She is here to empower them and show them their lives can look different and help them get what they want out of life. Basically, Celina will be there for you each step of the way.

Specialty:  youth