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We provide highly-trained and compassionate staff to help you meet your wellness goals. Certain clinicians work best with specific issues and demographics. When you meet with our access clinician, she/he will match you with a clinician that best fits your needs. We encourage you to get to know our clinical team by reading more below.

elizabeth casebournElizabeth Casebourn, QMHA

Peer Support Specialist

Elizabeth is a peer support specialist. Elizabeth enjoys working with patients who need help with pain management and learning how to live more fulfilled lives. Elizabeth understands the importance of family and living in a place with so much beauty. With so many outdoor activities in the area, she loves to help individuals who suffer with chronic pain through yoga, and education so they can get outside more. Being a part of this wonderful community is so important!

Specifically, she specializes in people who have undergone surgery, traumatic accidents, and veterans who have been wounded in combat. Elizabeth is a “people person,” and loves to share stories with others so she can help them understand the importance of growth and compassion through their wellness journey.

Elizabeth works with you, your doctors, and commits to your personalized treatment plan. She takes phone calls and offers support, makes appointments, offers events in the county that could help, answers questions, and offers solutions to problems that may arise because of your pain and being a consistent part of your pain program therapy.

Chronic pain can lead to depression, anxiety, loss of mobility and can leave you wondering how your life was taken over by pain pills, doctor visits, and a body that doesn’t function like you’re used to. It is important to teach you there are ways to live life and manage your pain at the same time. You don’t have to live inside anymore! Elizabeth loves to see patients come back in and tell their stories about attending a grandchild’s outdoor game, having someone climb a mountain they never thought was possible, or saying they don’t need their pain medicine any longer. With support, a treatment plan, and compassion, you can learn to take your life back!

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