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We provide highly-trained and compassionate staff to help you meet your wellness goals. Certain clinicians work best with specific issues and demographics. When you meet with our access clinician, she/he will match you with a clinician that best fits your needs. We encourage you to get to know our clinical team by reading more below.

Problem Gambling
No Judgement, Just Hope

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If you (or someone you know) are gambling too much, you can call the Oregon Problem Gambling Helpline and speak to a certified gambling counselor or call us and speak to a certified gambling counselor in-person. All information shared is confidential and this service is FREE to Oregon residents.

Call the Helpline 1-877-695-4648 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and speak with someone who can get you to the help you may need. Or text 503-713-6000 between the hours of 8am and 9pm M-F.

Or, you can call us at 541-426-4524 to get started with a certified gambling counselor in-person. We are one of the FREE treatment centers in Oregon.

You are not alone. There is help, there is hope, and there is a way to get your life back on track.

Call us at 541-426-4524 to get started

What to Expect

Your support starts with your hopes and dreams. Our staff encourages you to think about what you want from life. Then, they help you develop an individualized, confidential recovery plan to guide your work in the program.

Our culture is based on recovery. We believe in kind and supportive, professional understanding and we celebrate individual uniqueness. We care about you and your recovery.

Our staff are passionate, resourceful, and motivated. They are your partners in recovery and will be with you throughout your journey.

Our goal is to help you thrive. We want to support and encourage you and help you to take steps to improve your quality of life.

Our Approach

  • Individualized
  • Highly confidential
  • Developing an understanding of addiction
  • Creating support systems
  • Motivation driven

What are the Warning Signs?

  • Gambling more frequently or for longer than intended
  • Lying about where money goes
  • Declining work or school performance
  • Borrowing money in order to gamble
  • Increasing preoccupation with gambling
  • Distancing or isolating from family or friends
  • Unable to pay bills or cover expenses
  • Chasing losses, or returning the next day to win back what was lost
  • Committing (or considering) a crime to finance gambling
  • Repeated unsuccessful efforts to control or stop gambling

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How Do I Start The Conversation With Someone Who Has A Gambling Problem?

If you think someone you know has a gambling problem, it can be difficult and uncomfortable considering how to talk to him or her about it. Knowing how to start can help you find the courage to have the conversation.

  1. Choose a comfortable place where you feel safe and will not be interrupted.
  2. Keep it simple and straightforward. Tell the person you care about them and you are concerned how they are acting.
  3. Tell the person exactly what they have done that concerns you.
  4. Tell the person how their behavior is affecting other people – be specific.
  5. Be clear on what you expect from them: “I want to talk to someone about your gambling” And what they can expect from you: “And I won’t cover for you anymore.”

If you need help talking to someone about problem gambling, our gambling counselors are here to help.

Call us at 541-426-4524 to get started

Take care of you

If someone’s gambling problem has left its mark on you, it is important for you to take care of yourself. Even if the person who has the problem is not yet ready or willing to get help, it may still be beneficial for you to talk to someone. You can call the Oregon Problem Gambling Helpline and speak to a certified gambling counselor. All information shared is confidential and this service is FREE to Oregon residents. Call 1-877-695-4648 (MY-LIMIT) or text 503-713-6000. Or you can call us at 541-426-4524 to talk in-person to a certified gambling counselor for FREE.

Learn more about Oregon's Problem Gambling Resource

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