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We provide highly-trained and compassionate staff to help you meet your wellness goals. Certain clinicians work best with specific issues and demographics. When you meet with our access clinician, she/he will match you with a clinician that best fits your needs. We encourage you to get to know our clinical team by reading more below.

quinn berryQuinn Berry, LPC, CADC I
Mental Health Clinician

Quinn is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor. He enjoys helping people live better lives. He believes individuals have the ability to take stock in their lives, make decisions, and take action, in ways that will make their lives better. He loves asking people questions about what is important to them and then helping them strengthen their brains that will allow them to better attend to things that they have decided are important to them. Perhaps the most important thing he does is cheer them on as they work to live more satisfying lives. He see himself as a physical therapist for the brain - by encouraging people to use and strengthen areas of their brains that have not been adequately developed.

Specialty: Veterans

Education: MA in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, University of Iowa; Master’s in Public Health, American Public University; and BA in Criminal Justice, St. Leo University

sandra goreSandra Gore
Assertive Community Treatment Case Lead
Veterans Service Liaison

Sandra is a clinician with the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team which is a multidisciplinary team that specializes in working with individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses whom need assistance with successful, independent living. Services provided by Sandra include medication management, counseling, case management, housing assistance, and care coordination with other providers.

tom matthewsTom Matthews
EASA Child Case Manager

Tom is the Child Case Manager for EASA (Early Assessment and Support Alliance). He will be working with children and adults ages 12-26, who have been diagnosed with psychosis or are showing the early signs of developing psychosis. Tom’s role is to work with a team of people to help the clients navigate through the challenges that go along with this diagnosis. Early diagnosis and intervention are key elements in providing hope.

Tom received a bachelor's degree at the Montana Institute of the Bible in Lewistown, MT. He also has a Master’s Degree in Ministry through the Moody Graduate School in Chicago, IL. Tom additionally became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and worked in that field for a couple of years. While working as a pastor for the Douglas Island Bible Church in Juneau, Alaska, Tom volunteered with the local hospital and fire department as a chaplain. Both provided training and experience in dealing with crisis situations.

He is excited about his role with us because he sees that much of his ministry experience, education, and training, dovetails well with this role. He feels he can bring a calming perspective and a sense of peace to those he serves.

william weiszWilliam Weisz
Case Manager

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Supported Employment (SE)

William Weisz is the case manager for support employment (SE) for the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team and works with both teenagers as well as adults. William is very excited and happy to be able to serve the community by helping individuals overcome their personal obstacles and struggles in order to fulfill their dreams and goals. William is very humble, easy-going, and has a very deep and profound respect for all individuals. Instead of judging individuals, William takes a very proactive approach to find the root cause of the problem while showing empathy and compassion for all of his clients.

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