How do I get a job at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness?

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Below is the hiring process for open positions. If you are curious or want to learn about different careers at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, we always encourage you to reach out to our Human Resources Manager. She/he would be more than happy to talk with you about potential careers with our organization. You never know the conversation might lead you to joining our team!

The Hiring Process

  • Open positions are posted on our website and other job search engines.
  • Follow the steps in the job description to apply for the open position.
  • Resumes and applications collected for the open position will be scored against the job descriptions, including qualifications.
  • Potential candidates will be contacted within 10 business days of the position closing for a follow-up. This could either be an in-person interview or it could be a homework assignment. These again are scored based on content and ability to follow directions.
  • After the first interview, there might be a second or third round of interview which could include an in-person interview, homework assignment, or an immersion assignment on the job.
  • If selected, a candidate will receive an offer letter with details regarding the position. All offer letters are contingent on checking referrals, clearing a background check as required per position, and accepting the terms of Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness policies.

If you have any questions about positions or the hiring process, please contact our Human Resources Manager.