Crisis Intervention:
We are here to listen
Crisis Line 541-398-1175women hugging her child with man in background looks distressed

The Wallowa County Crisis line 541-398-1175 provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people within Wallowa County in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones.

Crisis Line 541-398-1175

Every caller is connected with a crisis counselor, a real-life human being trained to bring callers from a hot moment to a cool calm moment through active listening and collaborative problem solving.

When do you call?

When in crisis, you don’t have to face it alone. Crisis is any painful emotion for which you need support. If you’re thinking about hurting yourself, having thoughts of suicide, or becoming self-destructive, there are crisis counselors ready to help and listen. Call the Wallowa County Crisis Line immediately -541-398-1175.

Supporting a loved one through a crisis can feel overwhelming, but crisis counselors at the Wallowa County Crisis Line can help. Contact the Wallowa County Crisis Line 541-398-1175 immediately if a person in your life is showing signs of crisis, such as:

  • Talking about feeling hopeless
  • Experiencing anxiety or agitation
  • Increasing risky behaviors or substance use

Learn more about the signs of crisis

How Does the Crisis Line Work?

When you call the Wallowa County Crisis Line 541-398-1175, one of our trained crisis counselors will help you through any personal crisis, even if it does not involve thoughts of suicide. You decide how much you want to share — we’re here to listen and to help. The Wallowa County Crisis Line 541-398-1175 serves anyone within Wallowa County, in any type of crisis, providing access to free, 24/7 support and information.

When you make the call, you are in crisis. That doesn’t just mean suicide: it’s any painful emotion in which you need support. You make the call 541-398-1175 and you will immediately be connected to a professional crisis counselor.

If you are in danger — or the person you’re concerned about is in danger — the crisis counselor will work to make sure everyone is safe. The crisis counselor will help you get through the crisis and then help you connect with the services you need, either from your local medical center or elsewhere in your community. If you decide to share your contact information, the crisis coordinator will connect with you in person either at your local medical center or elsewhere in your community.

If you — or the person you are concerned about — are in crisis but not at imminent risk for injury or suicide, then the crisis counselor will listen, offer support, and help you make a plan to stay safe.

After the Call

If you call the Wallowa County Crisis Line 541-398-1719, our support doesn't end when the conversation’s over.

When callers need more support, the crisis counselor can refer them to additional services in our community and to services here at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness. Our crisis counselors follow up and coordinate care for the issues that led to the crisis, like posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, readjustment challenges, sleeping problems, and more. Our hope by connecting you to services that you will minimize the chances of having another crisis and begin to heal.

Call Now 541-398-1175 if you need immediate help