Your Consumer Rights and Informed Consent To Treatment

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness shall provide to consumers who use its services the following rights and protection:

  1. As a consumer seeking services at this Center you shall be treated with dignity and respect at all times, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, religious affiliation, physcial or mental handicap.
  2. When you seek information about services, either on the phone or in-person, you shall have those services clearly explained to you. You shall aslo have the Center's fee policy explained so you will understand the probably cost of services along with payment options.
  3. As a consumer your privacy will be respected at all times. The Center will not release information about your participation in Center programs without your written consent. If you have been referred to the Center by the Court or other legal authority, you shall be informed at the time of intake as to the limits of confidentiality. However, if a therapist suspect's child abuse of any kind, or abuse of a disabled or older adult, of if you present yourself as a danger to yourself or others, these facts must be presented to the proper authorities.
  4. Every effort shall be made to involve you (and your family if appropriate) in treatment planning, both at intake and on an ongoing basis.
  5. Following a clinical evaluation, if the clinician feels that you are eligible for services at the Center, and is willing to provide those services, the recommendations for treatment and/or residential placement will be thoroughly and simply explained to you. You have the right to be informed about your diagnosis, and to receive an explanation of any prescribed medication and possible side effects. Any treatment risks associated with the type of treatment being recommended will be explained.
  6. Along with the proposed treatment plan, any alternative treatment methods available will be explained to you. You have the right to choose alternative methods or seek a second opinion.
  7. As a consumer you have the right to refuse to undergo continued treatment at this Center, unless you are Court ordered to undertake such treatment.
  8. You shall not be involuntarily terminated or transferred from services without prior notice, notification or alternative sources of services, and use of the grievance procedure.
  9. As a consumer I have the right to execute an Advance Directive for medical care and a declaration of mental health treatment (similar to an Advanced Directive). Ask your therapist/clinician for information if you are interested in learning more about these.
  10. If you have a grievance about a staff person, type of treatment being offered, or anything else, you are encouraged to discuss that grievance with the therapist or Residential Director. If you are not comfortable discussing this with your therapist or Residential Director, please contact the clinical director or executive director. Grievances may be submitted in a written format using the form provided or verbally. When shared verbally the grievance will be written down to provide proper documentation. Attempts shall be made to satisfactorily resolve the grievance as soon as possible. Once the grievance has been received an investigation of the facts supporting or disapproving the grievance will be placed in the medical record. 
  11. A clinical record will be maintained that will include basic identifying information, all signed forms and consents, and basic treatment documentation. After your treatment is completed, this record will be kept by Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness for an indefinite period of time or up to 10 years, varies by program. You may request access to your medical record and billing records maintained by us in order to inspect and request copies of the records. Under limited circumstances, we may deny you access to a portion of your records.
  12. I understand that during or after my term of treatment at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, I may be contact by the Center, a qualified research organization working with the Center, or by the State of Oregon. Any such contact will be for the purpose of conducting follow-up research on treatment effectiveness and will be governed by all prevailing laws regarding confidentiality.