emily nallEmily Nall, QMHA
WRAP Care Coordinator

Emily works as the Wraparound Care Coordinator. After completing her BA in Multidisciplinary Studies with a focus on elementary literacy, Emily had the opportunity to work in a variety of educational settings, where she learned to adapt to new situations and provide children with personalized care.

Embracing and serving the community she grew up in, while valuing the dedication, passion, and commitment it takes to positively impact youths’ academic, social and family lives is partly the attributes that Emily holds to implement Wraparound well.
Emily believes in the fundamental basics of the Wraparound program, a planning process that allows children and their families to recognize their hopes and dreams. Emily and the Wraparound Program allow youth and families an opportunity to be heard and while it may look different from one community to another, it is always driven by the same principles that recognize families’ strengths and needs.

With Wraparound, Emily can help children and families work together, coordinate activities, and blend different perspectives of the family’s situation uniquely with a nontraditional “out of the box” way of thinking.

Emily admires how when given the opportunity and presented with a clear problem, children often have the answer. Supporting ideas and offering youth and family an opportunity to be involved and help identify what they already do really well so they can improve in areas that need more attention is often the missing piece that Emily can help recognize. While there is a team created to implement, review, and revise a plan, it is Emily that advocates for the family and directs follow through.