What Can I Expect When I Come to Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness

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We provide a warm, welcoming, and safe space for you so you can heal. Our front desk staff will welcome you with a smile and check you in. Your clinician or case manager will greet you and take you to a private room and work with you in creating a wellness plan that helps you achieve a happy, hopeful, productive and meaningful life. You will be treated with dignity and respect at all times, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, religious affiliation, physical or mental ability.

How often you are seen depends on your needs and is decided between you and your care team. We will usually offer 6-12 sessions but sometimes individuals are seen less, and sometimes they are seen more, depending again on your needs and wellness goals. Sessions are typically 50-60 minutes in length.

Who Do You Help?

We offer help when individuals/families feel depressed, or anxious, are having problems in relationships, can’t sleep, have had negative experiences that affect how they feel about life, struggling with substance use, and many other problems. We also understand many individuals/families are dealing with lots of issues or a complexity of issues. Our services are designed to welcome, engage, and provide integrated services to individuals and families with multiple and complex issues.

We have several mental health professionals who have experience with these kinds of problems, understand that complexity is expected, and can help people and families achieve their most important and meaningful goals. Many times empowering you in finding skills and tools to help you heal and live a happy, hopeful productive, and meaningful life. All of us have problems and sometimes need the help of others so that we can meet our most important and meaningful life goals. Our staff are trained to be good listeners and are able to assist you in developing a wellness plan so you can succeed and flourish in life.

Additionally, we help individuals/families with developmental disabilities navigate the services and resources available at the federal, state, and local levels and work alongside them to put those supports in place so they can lead fulfilling lives.

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Confidentiality is Important to Us

Your personal information is kept confidential and your privacy will be respected at all times. We do not share your information with anyone unless you say it is okay and you complete and sign a release of information. We will not release your information without your written consent. We usually do ask if we can share information with your doctor or primary care provider because that way we can all work together to provide you the best care. 

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Resources for Your Wellness Journey

You may have a lot of questions about your care with us - how to stay safe, where to go, how much will a service cost, or how to express yourself with your mental health professional, among others.

Most of your questions can be answered by our frequently asked questions or by a compassionate staff member who will prioritize your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Call us today at (541) 426-4524. We would love to answer your questions or address your concerns.

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