Discover What Makes Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness Such a Dynamic Place to Work

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Whether you’re seeking a clinical or non-clinical career, we encourage you to discover why Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness is a great fit for you.

Who is Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness?

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness is a full-service community-based organization focusing on the mental and behavioral health and life enrichment needs of all the citizens of Wallowa County. Programs focus on people with mental and emotional disturbances, those with severe mental illness, people with drug and alcohol issues, and people with developmental disabilities as well as work with people seeking to improve their life by providing tools for better living (stress reduction, anger management, etc.). We also serve as the Community-Based Mental Health Program, a Certified Community Behavior Health Clinic, and the Developmental Disabilities Program for Wallowa County.

We hire a wide range of staff to help us address the needs of our community, that can work together with community partners and who provide hope to individuals, families, and our community. We work together amongst staff and community partners (e.g. law enforcement, primary healthcare, family services, judicial, etc.) to strengthen the care in our community. Here, you will find a community and an organization that cares deeply about providing holistic health services that put clients first.

You will also work in a compassionate, professional setting that celebrates your personal and professional goals. We are steadfast in our mission that there is strength in every struggle and hope in every heart. We look for individuals to join our team that will advance our mission and bring a sense of hope to our community.

Our Core Values

We live each day by our core values and it drives everything we do.

  • COMPASSION - Everyone including those with the greatest challenges is inspired when they meet us with hope. Every aspect of our work brings a level of kindness, empathy, optimism, and nurture. We walk alongside you.
  • COMMUNITY- FOCUSED - We work together to ensure love-filled care is inclusive, team-based, integrated, and honors each individual’s lived experience. We do this work beyond our four walls and in our community.
  • INNOVATIVE- We embrace creativity and forward-thinking, taking the initiative to develop and implement new ideas. We demonstrate flexibility and resilience by adapting to changes and challenges with purpose, grace, and humility that advances our mission.
  • PERSON-CENTERED - People are at the core of what we do. We empower individuals to take personal action and support growth to reach their full potential in a safe and respectful environment that allows them to show up as their true selves.
  • INTEGRITY - We believe in doing all things through a lens of authenticity in order to strengthen a shared trust and respect with every individual in our community. We practice and hold ourselves to the highest standards of confidentiality, privacy, and ethics

Our Guiding Behaviors

  • We support each other in serving our clients and community
  • We communicate openly, honestly, respectfully, and directly
  • We are fully present
  • We are all accountable
  • We trust and assume goodness in our intentions
  • We are continuous learners and open to change

Excellence in Action

Excellence in Action is one of our guiding principles as an employer. Imagine working for an organization that holds its staff accountable for always:

  • Delivering on its promise of providing a safe, welcoming, loved-filled environment
  • Exceeding individual and family needs
  • Respecting and safeguarding your privacy
  • Providing unwavering respect
  • Offering an uncompromised positive environment
  • Promoting and enabling healing
  • Valuing inclusion
  • Empowering personal action and growth

That’s what we do at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness because it’s what the people we serve expect — and it’s the right thing to do.

It's hard work to meet the demands of excellence in action every day. We believe it is possible if we also celebrate your time to heal and replenish and provide job support so you can continue to be your best self every day. We strive to foster an enjoyable, values-driven work culture that supports employee growth and morale.  Learn more about our employee benefits.

Diversity Matters

We strive to represent diversity at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness. Our goal is to celebrate diversity and have a true culture of inclusion within the Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness.

We cherish the value of individuality and provide an environment of fairness and equal treatment for everyone.

Having a team with members of different backgrounds brings creativity and vitality to our environment, and it allows us to more effectively serve the diverse Wallowa County community.

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