Staying Mentally Strong During COVID-19

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These are unique times we are living in. We understand if you are struggling -not able to go to your place of worship, hang out with your friends, take your kids to school, just play at the park, go on trips, and so much more. You are either working from home or recently laid off, trying to support your kids' education at home, and spending lots of quality time with your loved ones. This new "normal" is different and challenging at times.

We want to help! Remember we are here for you and your family. Below are resources to help you navigate these unprecedented times and help you strengthen your resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult experiences. You can practice self-care through the four ingredients of resilience.

The Ingredients of Resilience

Flexibility and Adaptability - View changes as opportunities for growth.

Purpose -Stay true to your core values. Identify what motivates you and let go of trying to meet other’s expectations of you. Do more things that bring you a sense of peace or calm.

Connection - Hold on to healthy relationships in your life. This could be friends, family, social groups, pets, or a higher power.

Hope - Positivity is a powerful tool. It is okay to think about negative possibilities, but give equal attention to positive possibilities.

If you are finding even with all your best efforts you are still struggling or need a quick tune-up, please reach out. We have trained mental health professionals who can help you cope and provide tools to keep you mentally strong and resilient. We serve individuals and families via tele-health (phone and video chats) and in-person.

Call us at 541-426-4524 to get started.

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