barrett crosby, dark hair and mustache with grey suit onBarrett Crosby
QI/QA Director

Barrett Crosby is the QA/QI Director for Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness. Barrett was born and raised in the wilds of Alaska. He left Alaska to attend Oregon State University and decided to stay, beginning his career in behavioral health in 2004. Barrett spent many years in Portland providing care and managing Mental Health licensed residential treatment. After close to a decade Barrett had the opportunity to work for the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) licensing and certification team. While at OHA he also engaged in operations and policy work for the Health Systems Division writing a number of the administrative rules under which Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness operates. Most recently Barrett worked as the Senior Director of Quality Management and Regulatory Services, HIPAA Privacy Officer, and Compliance Officer for Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare in Portland. After 18 years of city life, Barrett and his family made the decision to leave Portland and return to the wide-open spaces and relative peace of rural life. He now resides in upstate NY (15 minutes from Canada) and works remotely for us. Barrett is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to the table in support of our work and the work staff does every day.

lisa ladendorffLisa Ladendorff, LCSW
Grant Program Evaluator

Lisa is a licensed clinical social worker and on contract from Northeast Oregon Network (NEON). She has a 25-year history of clinical practice, specializing in the dynamics of behavior change as well as over 20 years of mentoring mental health staff. Lisa brings a wealth of experience from quality assurance/quality improvement to program evaluation to staff supervision and so much more to the organization. Her breadth of knowledge and experience provides a deep understanding on how systems impact individuals, especially around public health.

josey rossJosey Ross
HR Specialist

Josey is a Wallowa County native and is enjoying this new role in her life. She worked in the medical field for the past three years and loves working with others. She is excited to transfer these skills to supporting health workers in a human resource setting.

She graduated in 2010 from Joseph Charter School. She moved over to Lewiston, ID to be with her husband while he was employed there training horses. They moved back to Wallowa County in 2014 and now have two children that bring them so much joy.

kimberlyc candrilaKimberly Candrila
Human Resources Director
Compliance Officer

Kimberly Candrila is an HR professional with experience working across several industries both domestically and internationally. Prior to working in behavioral health, she worked with business owners to develop Real Estate and Mortgage companies, Fiber Optics Manufacturing, Private Security, and other small business venture capitalists. She has worked with start-up and large-scale organizations to develop a strong workforce, supported by solid processes and systems that benefit the client and staff while meeting organizational vision and goals.

amy buschAmy Busch
Public Relations and Development Director

Amy has experienced first-hand the power of mental health services and believes mental and physical well-being is crucial to whole person wellness. Her hope someday that mental health checkups are as commonplace as physical health checkups. Currently she works to tell the story of Wallowa Valley Center of Wellness and how mental and behavioral health services change lives. She believes storytelling is a powerful medium and by knowing each others stories we heal, transform, and build empathy for others.

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